Domestic Violence

The City of Larned is actively committed to intervention and prosecution of all domestic violence cases. Criminal charges are filed by the State of Kansas, not by the victim of domestic violence. A case will not be dismissed because the victim requests that the charges be dismissed. Prosecution of the cases is left to the sole discretion of the county prosecutor.

Link:  Domestic Violence Resources

The defendant is ordered to refrain from harassment of or contact with the victim in domestic violence cases. If the defendant makes an in-person contact following release from jail, call 911 to report the incident. Violation of bond conditions is a separate violation which will be pursued by the county prosecutor
A deferred-judgment program is offered to some offenders, dependent upon his or her prior criminal record and other factors. Counseling programs are encouraged for the victim and can be required of the defendant. The cycle of violence can only be broken when intervention occurs.

More Information

If you need more information about the city’s domestic violence program or prosecution of a domestic violence case, contact the Larned Police Department at (620) 285-8545.


Members of the Larned Police Department are prohibited from engaging in racial or other biased-based policing as provided in department policy or prohibited by law. For more information and for information on how to make a complaint click the link to Larned Police Department Policy 2.130