Pet License & Registration

Registration Dates
Registration year is from July 1st - June 30th. Pet tags are available the first day of June with proof of rabies vaccination. Owners who fail to register their dog or cat prior to the first day of August shall pay in addition to the registration fee a penalty for late registration of $5.

Annual Registration and License Fee
  • Up to 2 unsprayed females - $10 each
  • Up to 2 unneutered males - $10 each
  • Up to 2 spayed females - $6 each
  • Up to 2 neutered males - $6 each
The licensing fee shall be doubled for more than 2, but not to exceed 4 dogs or cats. It is unlawful for any owner to keep within the limits of the City of Larned, Kansas, more than 4 dogs and/or cats per household.

All dogs and cats need to be registered with the City of Larned at 6 months of age with proof of rabies vaccination.