Larned City-Pawnee County Board of Zoning Appeals

They have a very active and conscientious Board consisting of nine members that serve a three year term. Four are appointed by the City and must reside within the City limits, four are appointed by the County and must live outside the City limits but within 3 miles, and the City-County Planning Commission appoints one with Building Inspector/Zoning Administrator as support staff.

Janell Barton - City                                        Jim Haynes - County

Joan Basgall - City                                         Phil Reece - County

Barbara Bland - City                                      Joan Wilson - City

Jim Froetschner - County                              Rob Manry-City

Tim George - County

City-County Zones

The City-County Planning Commission, City Council, and Pawnee County Commissioners have established zones. Certain areas are zoned as commercial, single family, multi-family, and so on. Each zone has limits and guidelines regarding construction set backs from streets, alleys, property lines, etc., and land use regulations for the City and for a 3-mile radius outside the City limits.

Board Purpose & Duties

If a citizen feels he or she has a reasonable request to vary these limits, he or she may apply to the Board of Zoning Appeals for such variances. It is their duty to assess the impact on neighbors, property values, and the beauty of the neighborhoods. Each request is considered, then approved or disapproved based on its merits. Their goal is to be consistent in our rulings.

Board of Zoning Meetings & Minutes
December 8, 2016 ......

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June 22, 2017
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Variance Request 2017-05-V..... click here!