Building Trades Board

  • Jay Shaver, Chairperson (Mechanical)
  • Jim Haynes, Vice Chairperson (Electrical)
  • Steven Lewis (Plumbing}
  • Ray Moeder, {Member at Large}
  • Allen Taylor (Building)

As Per Ordinance 1201
Consists of five members, 1 Master Plumber, 1 Master Mechanical, 1 Master Electrician, 1 Builder and 1 elector who is not a contractor. They act as a Code Committee recommending to the Governing Body any changes necessary to keep the City codes governing the building trades up to date. They may also act as a go between for persons aggrieved by the decision of the Building Inspector in the use of alternate materials or methods or in answering questions.

The City Inspector acts as recording secretary but has no vote.

The Building Trades Board consists of five members with one each from the major trades and one member at large from the general public and serves a three year term.

The Building Trades Board is responsible for evaluating and interpreting the various Uniform Building, Plumbing, Electrical and Mechanical codes that influence our community. By working closely with the City Inspection Department to recommend standards and requirements for licenses and permits to the City Council, the Building Trades Board works to protect the present and future citizens of Larned by assuring that work and those performing it follow constant standards.